John 4

1 Therefore, as Jesus knew that the Pharisees heard that Jesus makes and baptizes more disciples than John,

2 and yet Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples,

3 He left Judea and went again into Galilee;

4 but it was necessary for Him to pass through Samaria.

5 He comes, therefore, into a city of Samaria being called Sychar, near the place which Jacob gave to his son Joseph,

6 and the fountain of Jacob was there. Jesus therefore, tired out from the journey, was sitting so upon the fountain. It was as a sixth hour.

7 A woman out from Samaria comes to draw water. Jesus says to her, “Give Me to drink.”

8 For His disciples had gone away into the city in order that they might buy food.

9 Then the Samaritan woman says to Him, “How do You, being a Jew, ask from me to drink, being a Samaritan woman? For Jews do not have dealings with Samaritans.”

10 Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God and Who is the One saying to you, ‘Give Me to drink,’ then you would have asked Him, and He would give to you living water.”

11 The woman says to Him, “Sir, You have neither a bucket and the well is deep. From where then do You have the living water?

12 You are not greater than our father Jacob, are You, who gave us the well, and he drank out from it, and his sons and his animals?”

13 Jesus answered and said to her, “Every one drinking out from this water will thirst again,

14 but whoever might drink out from the water which I will give to him, will absolutely not thirst into the age, but the water which I will give to him will come to be in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

15 The woman says toward Him, “Sir, give to me this water, in order that I might not thirst nor come here to draw.”

16 He says to her, “Go call your husband and come here.”

17 The woman answered and said to Him, “I do not have a husband.” Jesus says to her, “You said well that, ‘I do not have a husband’;

18 for you had five husbands, and now whom you have is not your husband. This you have said truly.”

19 The woman says to Him, “Sir, I see that You are prophet.

20 Our fathers worshiped in this mountain; and you all say that in Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary to worship.”

21 Jesus says to her, “Believe Me, woman, that an hour comes when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem you all will worship the Father.

22 You all worship what you do not know. We worship what we know, because salvation is out from the Jews.

23 But an hour comes, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father also seeks such ones worshiping Him.

24 God is spirit, and the ones worshiping Him it is necessary to worship in spirit and truth.”

25 The woman says to Him, “I know that Messiah comes, the One being called Christ; when that One might come, He will report to us all things.”

26 Jesus says to her, “I am, the One speaking to you.”

27 And upon this, His disciples came, and were marveling that He was speaking with a woman. Nevertheless, not even one said, “What do You seek?” or “Why do You speak with her?”

28 Then the woman left her water-pot and went away into the city and says to the men,

29 “Come, behold a Man Who said to me all things, as many as I did, is this not the Christ?”

30 They went out from the city and were coming toward Him.

31 In the meanwhile, the disciples were asking Him, saying, “Rabbi, eat.”

32 But the One said to them, “I have food to eat which you do not know.”

33 Therefore the disciples were saying toward one another, “A certain one did not bring to Him something to eat, did they?

34 Jesus says to them, “My food is in order that I might do the will of the One having sent Me, and might complete His work.

35 Do you not say that there are yet four months, and the harvest comes? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and behold the fields, because they are already white toward harvest.

36 The one reaping receives a reward, and gathers together fruit into everlasting life, in order that the one sowing and the one reaping might rejoice together.

37 For in this the saying is true, that another is the one sowing and another is the one reaping.

38 I sent you to reap what you have not labored for, others have labored, and you have entered into their labor.”

39 And out from that city many believed into Him of the Samaritans on account of the word of the woman testifying that, “He said to me all things which I did.”

40 Therefore, as the Samaritans came toward Him, they were asking Him to remain alongside them and He remained there two days.

41 And many more believed on account of His word,

42 and they were saying to the woman that, “No longer on account of your speech we believe; for we ourselves have heard, and we know that this One is truly the Savior of the world.”

43 And after two days, He went out from there into Galilee.

44 For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet does not have honor in his own fatherland.

45 Therefore, when He came into Galilee, the Galileans received Him, having seen all things, as many as He did in Jerusalem in the feast, for they themselves also went into the feast.

46 Then He came again into Cana of Galilee, where He made the water wine, and there was a certain royal officer, whose son was sick in Capernaum.

47 This one, having heard that Jesus has come out from Judea into Galilee, went away toward Him and was asking in order that He might come down and heal his son, for he was going to die.

48 Then Jesus said toward him, “Unless you all might see signs and wonders, then you all will absolutely not believe.”

49 The royal officer says toward Him, “Lord come down, before to die my young child.”

50 Jesus says to him, “Go, your son lives.” The man believed as to the word which He said to him, and Jesus was going on from there.

51 And now him going down, his bondservants met with him, saying that his young child lives.

52 Then he inquired from them the hour in which he got better. Then they said to him that, “Yesterday, at the seventh hour the fever left him.”

53 Therefore the father knew that in that hour in which Jesus said to him. “Your son lives”; and he believed, and his whole house.

54 This again was a second sign Jesus did, having come out from Judea into Galilee.

1 Ὡς (as) οὖν (therefore) ἔγνω (knew) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ὅτι (that) ἤκουσαν (heard) οἱ (the) Φαρισαῖοι (Pharisees) ὅτι (that) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) πλείονας (more) μαθητὰς (disciples) ποιεῖ (makes) καὶ (and) βαπτίζει (baptizes) ἢ (than) Ἰωάννης (John)

2 καίτοιγε (and yet) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) αὐτὸς (Himself) οὐκ (not) ἐβάπτιζεν (was baptizing) ἀλλ᾽ (but) οἱ (the) μαθηταὶ (disciples) αὐτοῦ (His)

3 ἀφῆκεν (He left) τὴν (the) Ἰουδαίαν (Judea) καὶ (and) ἀπῆλθεν (went) πάλιν (again) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Γαλιλαίαν (Galilee)

4 Ἔδει (it was necessary) δὲ (but) αὐτὸν (for Him) διέρχεσθαι (to pass) διὰ (through) τῆς (the) Σαμαρείας (Samaria)

5 Ἔρχεται (He comes) οὖν (therefore) εἰς (into) πόλιν (a city) τῆς (of the) Σαμαρείας (Samaria) λεγομένην (being called) Συχὰρ (Sychar) πλησίον (near) τοῦ (the) χωρίου (place) ὃ (which) ἔδωκεν (gave) Ἰακὼβ (Jacob) [τῷ (to the)] Ἰωσὴφ (Joseph) τῷ (to the) υἱῷ (son) αὐτοῦ (his)

6 ἦν (was) δὲ (and) ἐκεῖ (there) πηγὴ (the fountain) τοῦ (of the) Ἰακώβ (Jacob) ὁ (the) οὖν (therefore) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) κεκοπιακὼς (tired) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) ὁδοιπορίας (journey) ἐκαθέζετο (was sitting) οὕτως (so) ἐπὶ (upon) τῇ (the) πηγῇ (fountain) ὥρα (hour) ἦν (it was) ὡς (as) ἕκτη (a sixth)

7 Ἔρχεται (comes) γυνὴ (a woman) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) Σαμαρείας (Samaria) ἀντλῆσαι (to draw) ὕδωρ (water) λέγει (says) αὐτῇ (to her) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) δός (give) μοι (Me) πεῖν (to drink)

8 οἱ (the) γὰρ (for) μαθηταὶ (disciples) αὐτοῦ (His) ἀπεληλύθεισαν (had gone away) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) πόλιν (city) ἵνα (in order that) τροφὰς (food) ἀγοράσωσιν (they might buy)

9 λέγει (says) οὖν (then) αὐτῷ (to Him) ἡ (the) γυνὴ (woman) ἡ (the) Σαμαρῖτις (Samaritan) πῶς (how do) σὺ (You) Ἰουδαῖος (a Jew) ὢν (being) παρ᾽ (from) ἐμοῦ (me) πεῖν (to drink) αἰτεῖς (ask) γυναικὸς (woman) Σαμαρίτιδος (a Samaritan) οὔσης (being) οὐ (not) γὰρ (for) συγχρῶνται (do have dealings together with) Ἰουδαῖοι (Jews) Σαμαρίταις (with Samaritans)

10 ἀπεκρίθη (answered) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) καὶ (and) εἶπεν (said) αὐτῇ (to her) εἰ (if) ᾔδεις (you knew) τὴν (the) δωρεὰν (gift) τοῦ (of the) θεοῦ (God) καὶ (and) τίς (Who) ἐστιν (is) ὁ (the One) λέγων (saying) σοι (to you) δός (give) μοι (Me) πεῖν (to drink) σὺ (then you) ἂν (would have) ᾔτησας (asked) αὐτὸν (Him) καὶ (and) ἔδωκεν (He would give) ἄν (but you did not) σοι (to you) ὕδωρ (water) ζῶν (living)

11 λέγει (says) αὐτῷ (to Him) [ἡ (the) γυνή (woman)] κύριε (Sir) οὔτε (neither) ἄντλημα (a bucket) ἔχεις (You have) καὶ (and) τὸ (the) φρέαρ (well) ἐστὶν (is) βαθύ (deep) πόθεν (from where) οὖν (then) ἔχεις (do You have) τὸ (the) ὕδωρ (water) τὸ (the) ζῶν (living)

12 μὴ (not) σὺ (You) μείζων (greater than) εἶ (are) τοῦ (of the) πατρὸς (father) ἡμῶν (our) Ἰακώβ (Jacob are You) ὃς (who) ἔδωκεν (gave) ἡμῖν (us) τὸ (the) φρέαρ (well) καὶ (and) αὐτὸς (he) ἐξ (out from) αὐτοῦ (it) ἔπιεν (he drank) καὶ (and) οἱ (the) υἱοὶ (sons) αὐτοῦ (his) καὶ (and) τὰ (the) θρέμματα (animals) αὐτοῦ (his)

13 ἀπεκρίθη (answered) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) καὶ (and) εἶπεν (said) αὐτῇ (to her) πᾶς (every) ὁ (the one) πίνων (drinking) ἐκ (out from) τοῦ (the) ὕδατος (water) τούτου (this) διψήσει (will thirst) πάλιν (again)

14 ὃς (whoever) δ᾽ (but) ἂν (contingent-particle) πίῃ (might drink) ἐκ (out from) τοῦ (of the) ὕδατος (water) οὗ (which) ἐγὼ (I) δώσω (will give) αὐτῷ (to him) οὐ μὴ (absolutely not) διψήσει (will thirst) εἰς (into) τὸν (the) αἰῶνα (age) ἀλλὰ (but) τὸ (the) ὕδωρ (water) ὃ (which) δώσω (I will give) αὐτῷ (to him) γενήσεται (will come to be) ἐν (in) αὐτῷ (him) πηγὴ (a fountain) ὕδατος (of water) ἁλλομένου (springing up) εἰς (into) ζωὴν (life) αἰώνιον (everlasting)

15 λέγει (says) πρὸς (toward) αὐτὸν (Him) ἡ (the) γυνή (woman) κύριε (Sir) δός (give) μοι (to me) τοῦτο (this) τὸ (the) ὕδωρ (water) ἵνα (in order that) μὴ (not) διψῶ (I might thirst) μηδὲ (nor) διέρχωμαι (I might come) ἐνθάδε (here) ἀντλεῖν (to draw)

16 λέγει (He says) αὐτῇ (to her) ὕπαγε (go) φώνησον (call) τὸν (the) ἄνδρα (husband) σου (your) καὶ (and) ἐλθὲ (come) ἐνθάδε (here)

17 ἀπεκρίθη (answered) ἡ (the) γυνὴ (woman) καὶ (and) εἶπεν (said) αὐτῷ (to Him) οὐκ (not) ἔχω (I do have) ἄνδρα (a husband) λέγει (says) αὐτῇ (to her) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) καλῶς (well) εἶπας (you said) ὅτι (that) ἄνδρα (a husband) οὐκ (not) ἔχω (I do have)

18 πέντε (five) γὰρ (for) ἄνδρας (husbands) ἔσχες (you had) καὶ (and) νῦν (now) ὃν (whom) ἔχεις (you have) οὐκ (not) ἔστιν (is) σου (your) ἀνήρ (husband) τοῦτο (this) ἀληθὲς (truly) εἴρηκας (you have said)

19 λέγει (says) αὐτῷ (to Him) ἡ (the) γυνή (woman) κύριε (Sir) θεωρῶ (I see) ὅτι (that) προφήτης (prophet) εἶ (are) σύ (You)

20 οἱ (the) πατέρες (fathers) ἡμῶν (our) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) ὄρει (mountain) τούτῳ (this) προσεκύνησαν (worshiped) καὶ (and) ὑμεῖς (you all) λέγετε (say) ὅτι (that) ἐν (in) Ἱεροσολύμοις (Jerusalem) ἐστὶν (is) ὁ (the) τόπος (place) ὅπου (where) προσκυνεῖν (to worship) δεῖ (it is necessary)

21 λέγει (says) αὐτῇ (to her) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) πίστευέ (believe) μοι (Me) γύναι (woman) ὅτι (that) ἔρχεται (comes) ὥρα (an hour) ὅτε (when) οὔτε (neither) ἐν (in) τῷ (the) ὄρει (mountain) τούτῳ (this) οὔτε (nor) ἐν (in) Ἱεροσολύμοις (Jerusalem) προσκυνήσετε (you all will worship) τῷ (to the) πατρί (Father)

22 ὑμεῖς (you all) προσκυνεῖτε (worship) ὃ (what) οὐκ (not) οἴδατε (you all do know) ἡμεῖς (we) προσκυνοῦμεν (worship) ὃ (what) οἴδαμεν (we know) ὅτι (because) ἡ (the) σωτηρία (salvation) ἐκ (out from) τῶν (the) Ἰουδαίων (Jews) ἐστίν (is)

23 ἀλλ᾽ (but) ἔρχεται (comes) ὥρα (an hour) καὶ (and) νῦν (now) ἐστιν (is) ὅτε (when) οἱ (the) ἀληθινοὶ (true) προσκυνηταὶ (worshipers) προσκυνήσουσιν (will worship) τῷ (the) πατρὶ (Father) ἐν (in) πνεύματι (spirit) καὶ (and) ἀληθείᾳ (truth) καὶ (also) γὰρ (for) ὁ (the) πατὴρ (Father) τοιούτους (such) ζητεῖ (seeks) τοὺς (the ones) προσκυνοῦντας (worshiping) αὐτόν (Him)

24 πνεῦμα (is spirit) ὁ (the) θεός (God) καὶ (and) τοὺς (the ones) προσκυνοῦντας (worshiping) αὐτὸν (Him) ἐν (in) πνεύματι (spirit) καὶ (and) ἀληθείᾳ (truth) δεῖ (it is necessary) προσκυνεῖν (to worship)

25 λέγει (says) αὐτῷ (to Him) ἡ (the) γυνή (woman) οἶδα (I know) ὅτι (that) Μεσσίας (Messiah) ἔρχεται (comes) ὁ (the One) λεγόμενος (being called) Χριστός (Christ) ὅταν (when) ἔλθῃ (might come) ἐκεῖνος (that One) ἀναγγελεῖ (He will report) ἡμῖν (to us) ἅπαντα (all things)

26 λέγει (says) αὐτῇ (to her) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ἐγώ (I) εἰμι (am) ὁ (the One) λαλῶν (speaking) σοι (to you)

27 καὶ (and) ἐπὶ (upon) τούτῳ (this) ἦλθαν (came) οἱ (the) μαθηταὶ (disciples) αὐτοῦ (His) καὶ (and) ἐθαύμαζον (were marveling) ὅτι (that) μετὰ (with) γυναικὸς (a woman) ἐλάλει (He was speaking) οὐδεὶς (not even one) μέντοι (nevertheless) εἶπεν (said) τί (what) ζητεῖς (do You seek)  ἢ (or) τί (why) λαλεῖς (do you You speak) μετ᾽ (with) αὐτῆς (her)

28 ἀφῆκεν (left) οὖν (then) τὴν (the) ὑδρίαν (water-pot) αὐτῆς (her) ἡ (the) γυνὴ (woman) καὶ (and) ἀπῆλθεν (went away) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) πόλιν (city) καὶ (and) λέγει (says) τοῖς (to the) ἀνθρώποις (men)

29 δεῦτε (come) ἴδετε (you all behold) ἄνθρωπον (a Man) ὃς (Who) εἶπέν (said) μοι (to me) πάντα (all things) ὅσα (as many as) ἐποίησα (I did) μήτι (interrogative-particle) οὗτός (this) ἐστιν (is) ὁ (the) Χριστός (Christ)

30 ἐξῆλθον (they went) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) πόλεως (city) καὶ (and) ἤρχοντο (were coming) πρὸς (toward) αὐτόν (Him)

31 Ἐν (in) τῷ (the) μεταξὺ (meanwhile) ἠρώτων (were asking) αὐτὸν (Him) οἱ (the) μαθηταὶ (disciples) λέγοντες (saying) ῥαββί (Rabbi) φάγε (eat)

32 ὁ (the One) δὲ (but) εἶπεν (said) αὐτοῖς (to them) ἐγὼ (I) βρῶσιν (food) ἔχω (have) φαγεῖν (to eat) ἣν (which) ὑμεῖς (you all) οὐκ (not) οἴδατε (do know)

33 ἔλεγον (were saying) οὖν (therefore) οἱ (the) μαθηταὶ (disciples) πρὸς (toward) ἀλλήλους (one another) μή (not) τις (a certain one) ἤνεγκεν (did bring) αὐτῷ (to Him) φαγεῖν (something to eat did they?)

34 λέγει (says) αὐτοῖς (to them) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ἐμὸν (My) βρῶμά (food) ἐστιν (is) ἵνα (in order that) ποιήσω (I might do) τὸ (the) θέλημα (will) τοῦ (of the One) πέμψαντός (having sent) με (Me) καὶ (and) τελειώσω (might complete) αὐτοῦ (His) τὸ (the) ἔργον (work)

35 οὐχ (not) ὑμεῖς (you all) λέγετε (do say) ὅτι (that) ἔτι (yet) τετράμηνός (four months) ἐστιν (there are) καὶ (and) ὁ (the) θερισμὸς (harvest) ἔρχεται (comes) ἰδοὺ (behold) λέγω (I say) ὑμῖν (to you all) ἐπάρατε (lift up) τοὺς (the) ὀφθαλμοὺς (eyes) ὑμῶν (your) καὶ (and) θεάσασθε (behold) τὰς (the) χώρας (fields) ὅτι (because) λευκαί (white) εἰσιν (they are) πρὸς (toward) θερισμόν (harvest) ἤδη (already)

36 ὁ (the one) θερίζων (reaping) μισθὸν (a reward) λαμβάνει (receives) καὶ (and) συνάγει (gathers together) καρπὸν (fruit) εἰς (into) ζωὴν (life) αἰώνιον (everlasting) ἵνα (in order that) ὁ (the one) σπείρων (sowing) ὁμοῦ (together) χαίρῃ (might rejoice) καὶ (and) ὁ (the one) θερίζων (reaping)

37 ἐν (in) γὰρ (for) τούτῳ (this) ὁ (the) λόγος (saying) ἐστὶν (is) ἀληθινὸς (true) ὅτι (that) ἄλλος (another) ἐστὶν (is) ὁ (the one) σπείρων (sowing) καὶ (and) ἄλλος (another is) ὁ (the one) θερίζων (reaping)

38 ἐγὼ (I) ἀπέστειλα (sent) ὑμᾶς (you all) θερίζειν (to reap) ὃ (what) οὐχ (not) ὑμεῖς (you all) κεκοπιάκατε (have labored for) ἄλλοι (others) κεκοπιάκασιν (have labored) καὶ (and) ὑμεῖς (you all) εἰς (into) τὸν (the) κόπον (labor) αὐτῶν (their) εἰσεληλύθατε (have entered)

39 Ἐκ (out from) δὲ (and) τῆς (the) πόλεως (city) ἐκείνης (that) πολλοὶ (many) ἐπίστευσαν (believed) εἰς (into) αὐτὸν (Him) τῶν (of the) Σαμαριτῶν (Samaritans) διὰ (on account of) τὸν (the) λόγον (word) τῆς (of the) γυναικὸς (woman) μαρτυρούσης (testifying) ὅτι (that) εἶπέν (He said) μοι (to me) πάντα (all things) ἃ (which) ἐποίησα (I did)

40 ὡς (as) οὖν (therefore) ἦλθον (came) πρὸς (toward) αὐτὸν (Him) οἱ (the) Σαμαρῖται (Samaritans) ἠρώτων (they were asking) αὐτὸν (Him) μεῖναι (to remain) παρ᾽ (alongside) αὐτοῖς (them) καὶ (and) ἔμεινεν (He remained) ἐκεῖ (there) δύο (two) ἡμέρας (days)

41 καὶ (and) πολλῷ (many) πλείους (more) ἐπίστευσαν (believed) διὰ (on account of) τὸν (the) λόγον (word) αὐτοῦ (His)

42 τῇ (to the) τε (and) γυναικὶ (woman) ἔλεγον (they were saying) ὅτι (that) οὐκέτι (no longer) διὰ (on account of) τὴν (the) σὴν (your) λαλιὰν (speech) πιστεύομεν (we believe) αὐτοὶ (ourselves) γὰρ (for) ἀκηκόαμεν (we have heard) καὶ (and) οἴδαμεν (we know) ὅτι (that) οὗτός (this One) ἐστιν (is) ἀληθῶς (truly) ὁ (the) σωτὴρ (Savior) τοῦ (of the) κόσμου (world)

43 μετὰ (after) δὲ (and) τὰς (the) δύο (two) ἡμέρας (days) ἐξῆλθεν (He went out) ἐκεῖθεν (from there) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Γαλιλαίαν (Galilee)

44 αὐτὸς (Himself) γὰρ (for) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ἐμαρτύρησεν (testified) ὅτι (that) προφήτης (a prophet) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) ἰδίᾳ (his own) πατρίδι (fatherland) τιμὴν (honor) οὐκ (not) ἔχει (does have)

45 ὅτε (when) οὖν (therefore) ἦλθεν (He came) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Γαλιλαίαν (Galilee) ἐδέξαντο (received) αὐτὸν (Him) οἱ (the) Γαλιλαῖοι (Galileans) πάντα (all things) ἑωρακότες (having seen) ὅσα (as many as) ἐποίησεν (He did) ἐν (in) Ἱεροσολύμοις (Jerusalem) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) ἑορτῇ (feast) καὶ (also) αὐτοὶ (themselves) γὰρ (for) ἦλθον (they went) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) ἑορτήν (feast)

46 Ἦλθεν (He came) οὖν (then) πάλιν (again) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Κανὰ (Cana) τῆς (of the) Γαλιλαίας (of Galilee) ὅπου (where) ἐποίησεν (He made) τὸ (the) ὕδωρ (water) οἶνον (wine) καὶ (and) ἦν (there was) τις (a certain one) βασιλικὸς (royal officer) οὗ (whose) ὁ (the) υἱὸς (son) ἠσθένει (was sick) ἐν (in) Καφαρναούμ (Capernaum)

47 οὗτος (this one) ἀκούσας (having heard) ὅτι (that) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ἥκει (has come) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) Ἰουδαίας (Judea) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Γαλιλαίαν (Galilee) ἀπῆλθεν (went away) πρὸς (toward) αὐτὸν (Him) καὶ (and) ἠρώτα (was asking) ἵνα (in order that) καταβῇ (He might come down) καὶ (and) ἰάσηται (might heal) αὐτοῦ (his) τὸν (the) υἱόν (son) ἤμελλεν (he was going) γὰρ (for) ἀποθνῄσκειν (to die)

48 εἶπεν (said) οὖν (then) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) πρὸς (toward) αὐτόν (him) ἐὰν μὴ (unless) σημεῖα (signs) καὶ (and) τέρατα (wonders) ἴδητε (you all might see) οὐ μὴ (absolutely not) πιστεύσητε (then you all will believe)

49 λέγει (says) πρὸς (toward) αὐτὸν (Him) ὁ (the) βασιλικός (royal officer) κύριε (Lord) κατάβηθι (come down) πρὶν (before) ἀποθανεῖν (to die) τὸ (the) παιδίον (young child) μου (my)

50 λέγει (says) αὐτῷ (to him) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) πορεύου (go) ὁ (the) υἱός (son) σου (your) ζῇ (lives) Ἐπίστευσεν (believed) ὁ (the) ἄνθρωπος (man) τῷ (as to the) λόγῳ (word) ὃν (which) εἶπεν (He said) αὐτῷ (to him) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) καὶ (and) ἐπορεύετο (was going on from there)

51 ἤδη (now) δὲ (and) αὐτοῦ (him) καταβαίνοντος (going down) οἱ (the) δοῦλοι (bondservants) αὐτοῦ (his) ὑπήντησαν (met) αὐτῷ (with him) λέγοντες (saying) ὅτι (that) ὁ (the) παῖς (young child) αὐτοῦ (his) ζῇ (lives)

52 ἐπύθετο (he inquired) οὖν (then) τὴν (the) ὥραν (hour) παρ᾽ (from) αὐτῶν (them) ἐν (in) ᾗ (which) κομψότερον (got better) ἔσχεν (he) εἶπαν (they said) οὖν (then) αὐτῷ (to him) ὅτι (that) ἐχθὲς (yesterday) ὥραν (hour) ἑβδόμην (at the seventh) ἀφῆκεν (left) αὐτὸν (him) ὁ (the) πυρετός (fever)

53 ἔγνω (knew) οὖν (therefore) ὁ (the) πατὴρ (father) ὅτι (that) [ἐν (in)] ἐκείνῃ (that) τῇ (the) ὥρᾳ (hour) ἐν (in) ᾗ (which) εἶπεν (said) αὐτῷ (to him) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ὁ (the) υἱός (son) σου (your) ζῇ (lives) καὶ (and) ἐπίστευσεν (believed) αὐτὸς (he) καὶ (and) ἡ (the) οἰκία (house) αὐτοῦ (his) ὅλη (whole)

54 τοῦτο (this) [δὲ (and)] πάλιν (again) δεύτερον (was a second) σημεῖον (sign) ἐποίησεν (did) ὁ (the) Ἰησοῦς (Jesus) ἐλθὼν (having come) ἐκ (out from) τῆς (the) Ἰουδαίας (Judea) εἰς (into) τὴν (the) Γαλιλαίαν

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