Hebrews 2

1 On account of this, it is necessary for us to give heed more abundantly to the things having been heard, lest at any time we might drift away.

2 For since the word having been spoken through angels came to be secure, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense,

3 then how will we escape having neglected so great of a salvation? Which having taken a beginning, to be spoken through the Lord, was confirmed into us by the ones having heard,

4 God testifying at the same time by both signs and wonders and various powers and by divisions of the Holy Spirit according to His will.

5 For He did not subject the coming inhabited earth to angels, concerning which we speak,

6 but a certain one solemnly testified somewhere saying: What is man, that You remembered him, or a son of man, that You visit him?

7 You decreased him a little something alongside of angels, You crowned him with glory and honor, [and You placed Him over the works of Your hands.]

8 You subjected all things underneath his feet, for in the result to subject all things [to him], He left not even one thing unruly to him. But now we do not yet see all things subjected to him,

9 but the One decreased a little something alongside of angels we see, Jesus, crowned with glory and honor on account of the sufferings of death, so that by the grace of God He might taste death on behalf of all.

10 For it was fitting for Him, on account of Whom are all things, and through Whom are all things, having led many sons into glory, to complete the Originator of their salvation through sufferings.

11 For both the One sanctifying and the ones being sanctified are all out from One, on account of which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren,

12 saying: I will proclaim Your name to My Brethren, in the midst of the assembly I will sing You praise,

13 and again: I Myself will be confident upon Him, and again: Behold, I and the young children which God gave to Me.

14 Therefore, since the young children have shared of blood and of flesh, then also He Himself likewise partook of them, in order that through death He might idle-down the one having the might of death, that is, the devil,

15 and He might release these, as many as of all by fear of death were liable of slavery, through the result to live.

16 For doubtless He does not take hold of angels, but He takes hold of the seed of Abraham.

17 Wherefore, He was obligated to be made like the brethren according to all things, in order that He might come to be a merciful and faithful high priest of the things toward God, into the purpose to atone for the sins of the people.

18 For in which He has suffered, Himself having been tested, He is able to help the ones being tested.

1 Διὰ (on account of) τοῦτο (this) δεῖ (it is necessary) περισσοτέρως (more abundantly) προσέχειν (to give heed) ἡμᾶς (for us) τοῖς (to the things) ἀκουσθεῖσιν (having been heard) μήποτε (lest at any time) παραρυῶμεν (we might drift away)

2 εἰ (since) γὰρ (for) ὁ (the) δι᾽ (through) ἀγγέλων (angels) λαληθεὶς (having been spoken) λόγος (word) ἐγένετο (came to be) βέβαιος (secure) καὶ (and) πᾶσα (every) παράβασις (transgression) καὶ (and) παρακοὴ (disobedience) ἔλαβεν (received) ἔνδικον (a just) μισθαποδοσίαν (recompense)

3 πῶς (then how) ἡμεῖς (we) ἐκφευξόμεθα (will we escape) τηλικαύτης (so great) ἀμελήσαντες (having neglected) σωτηρίας (of a salvation?) ἥτις (which) ἀρχὴν (a beginning) λαβοῦσα (having taken) λαλεῖσθαι (to be spoken) διὰ (through) τοῦ (the) κυρίου (Lord) ὑπὸ (by) τῶν (the ones) ἀκουσάντων (having heard) εἰς (into) ἡμᾶς (us) ἐβεβαιώθη (was confirmed)

4 συνεπιμαρτυροῦντος (testifying at the same time) τοῦ (the) θεοῦ (God) σημείοις (by signs) τε (both) καὶ (and) τέρασιν (wonders) καὶ (and) ποικίλαις (various) δυνάμεσιν (powers) καὶ (and) πνεύματος (Spirit) ἁγίου (of the Holy) μερισμοῖς (by divisions) κατὰ (according to) τὴν (the) αὐτοῦ (His) θέλησιν (will)

5 Οὐ (not) γὰρ (for) ἀγγέλοις (to angels) ὑπέταξεν (He did subject) τὴν (the) οἰκουμένην (inhabited earth) τὴν (the) μέλλουσαν (coming) περὶ (concerning) ἧς (which) λαλοῦμεν (we speak)

6 διεμαρτύρατο (solemnly testified) δέ (but) πού (somewhere) τις (a certain one) λέγων (saying) τί (what) ἐστιν (is) ἄνθρωπος (man) ὅτι (that) μιμνῄσκῃ (You remembered) αὐτοῦ (him) ἢ (or) υἱὸς (a son) ἀνθρώπου (of man) ὅτι (that) ἐπισκέπτῃ (You visit) αὐτόν (him)

7 ἠλάττωσας (You decreased) αὐτὸν (him) βραχύ (a little) τι (something) παρ᾽ (alongside of) ἀγγέλους (angels) δόξῃ (with glory) καὶ (and) τιμῇ (honor) ἐστεφάνωσας (You crowned) αὐτόν (him) [[καὶ (and) κατέστησας (You placed) αὐτὸν (Him) ἐπὶ (over) τὰ (the) ἔργα (works) τῶν (of the) χειρῶν (hands) σου (Your),]]

8 πάντα (all things) ὑπέταξας (You subjected) ὑποκάτω (underneath) τῶν (the) ποδῶν (feet) αὐτοῦ (his) ἐν (in) τῷ (the result) γὰρ (for) ὑποτάξαι (to subject) [[αὐτῷ (to him) ]] τὰ (the) πάντα (all things) οὐδὲν (not even one thing) ἀφῆκεν (He left) αὐτῷ (to him) ἀνυπότακτον (unruly) Νῦν (now) δὲ (but) οὔπω (not yet) ὁρῶμεν (we do see) αὐτῷ (to him) τὰ (the) πάντα (all things) ὑποτεταγμένα (subjected)

9 τὸν (the One) δὲ (but) βραχύ (a little) τι (something) παρ᾽ (alongside of) ἀγγέλους (angels) ἠλαττωμένον (decreased) βλέπομεν (we see) Ἰησοῦν (Jesus) διὰ (on account of) τὸ (the) πάθημα (sufferings) τοῦ (of the) θανάτου (death) δόξῃ (with glory) καὶ (and) τιμῇ (honor) ἐστεφανωμένον (crowned) ὅπως (so that) χάριτι (by the grace) θεοῦ (of God) ὑπὲρ (on behalf) παντὸς (of all) γεύσηται (He might taste) θανάτου (death)

10 Ἔπρεπεν (it was fitting) γὰρ (for) αὐτῷ (for Him) δι᾽ (on account of) ὃν (Whom) τὰ (the) πάντα (are all things) καὶ (and) δι᾽ (through) οὗ (Whom) τὰ (the) πάντα (are all things) πολλοὺς (many) υἱοὺς (sons) εἰς (into) δόξαν (glory) ἀγαγόντα (having led) τὸν (the) ἀρχηγὸν (Originator) τῆς (of the) σωτηρίας (salvation) αὐτῶν (their) διὰ (through) παθημάτων (sufferings) τελειῶσαι (to complete)

11 ὅ (the One) τε (both) γὰρ (for) ἁγιάζων (sanctifying) καὶ (and) οἱ (the ones) ἁγιαζόμενοι (being sanctified) ἐξ (out from) ἑνὸς (One) πάντες (are all) δι᾽ (on account of) ἣν (which) αἰτίαν (reason) οὐκ (not) ἐπαισχύνεται (He is ashamed) ἀδελφοὺς (brethren) αὐτοὺς (them) καλεῖν (to call)

12 λέγων (saying) ἀπαγγελῶ (I will proclaim) τὸ (the) ὄνομά (name) σου (Your) τοῖς (to the) ἀδελφοῖς (Brethren) μου (My) ἐν (in) μέσῳ (the midst) ἐκκλησίας (of the assembly) ὑμνήσω (I will sing praise) σε (You)

13 καὶ (and) πάλιν (again) ἐγὼ (Myself) ἔσομαι (I will be) πεποιθὼς (confident) ἐπ᾽ (upon) αὐτῷ (Him) καὶ (and) πάλιν (again) ἰδοὺ (Behold) ἐγὼ (I) καὶ (and) τὰ (the) παιδία (young children) ἅ (which) μοι (to Me) ἔδωκεν (gave) ὁ (the) θεός (God)

14 Ἐπεὶ (since) οὖν (therefore) τὰ (the) παιδία (young children) κεκοινώνηκεν (have shared) αἵματος (of blood) καὶ (and) σαρκός (of flesh) καὶ (then also) αὐτὸς (Himself) παραπλησίως (likewise) μετέσχεν (He partook) τῶν (of the) αὐτῶν (them) ἵνα (in order that) διὰ (through) τοῦ (the) θανάτου (death) καταργήσῃ (He might idle-down) τὸν (the one) τὸ (the) κράτος (might) ἔχοντα (having) τοῦ (of the) θανάτου (death) τοῦτ᾽ (that) ἔστιν (is) τὸν (the) διάβολον (devil)

15 καὶ (and) ἀπαλλάξῃ (He might release) τούτους (these) ὅσοι (as many as) φόβῳ (by fear) θανάτου (of death) διὰ (through) παντὸς (all) τοῦ (of the result) ζῆν (to live) ἔνοχοι (liable) ἦσαν (were) δουλείας (of slavery)

16 οὐ (not) γὰρ (for) δήπου (doubtless) ἀγγέλων (of angels) ἐπιλαμβάνεται (He does take hold) ἀλλὰ (but) σπέρματος (of the seed) Ἀβραὰμ (of Abraham) ἐπιλαμβάνεται (He takes hold)

17 ὅθεν (wherefore) ὤφειλεν (He was obligated) κατὰ (according to) πάντα (all things) τοῖς (the) ἀδελφοῖς (brethren) ὁμοιωθῆναι (to be made like) ἵνα (in order that) ἐλεήμων (a merciful) γένηται (He might come to be) καὶ (and) πιστὸς (faithful) ἀρχιερεὺς (high priest) τὰ (of the things) πρὸς (toward) τὸν (the) θεὸν (God) εἰς (into) τὸ (the purpose) ἱλάσκεσθαι (to atone) τὰς (for the) ἁμαρτίας (sins) τοῦ (of the) λαοῦ (people)

18 ἐν (in) ᾧ (which) γὰρ (for) πέπονθεν (He has suffered) αὐτὸς (Himself) πειρασθείς (having been tested) δύναται (He is able) τοῖς (to the ones) πειραζομένοις (being tested) βοηθῆσαι (to help)

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